iHelp Max 4G

Dealer Program

As an authorized dealer of iHelp+, you’ll enjoy one of the most lucrative programs in the industry. You’ll also gain access to unparalleled and continuous support and a range of solutions that fit the needs of you and your customers.

4G Wireless Coverage

You will utilize our iHelp+ 4G mPERS product. The iHelp+ offers the latest in 4G wireless coverage using AT&T services. It is compact and lightweight at under 1.5oz., and loud, clear audio, and voice prompts that enable the user to know the status of their pendant at all times. It has a fall detection system that may be turned on or off by the dealer only.

GPS Location

It also has a GPS location finder and geo-fencing (can also be turned on and off by the dealer only), which enables family, friends, and/or loved ones to be notified if the user steps outside of their pre-programmed ‘safe zone’. The unit has a fully supervised battery that will notify the operator, and announce to the user when the battery is low. Enhanced kits even include a Smart charger/Docking station with speaker and microphone. The Smart charger/Docking station enables the user to leave the pendant ‘docked’ and use a small, remote button that they can wear around the wrist or on a lanyard around the neck.

Everything is included in the price

Plus, everything is included in the price – The exclusive iHelp Max™ unit and all accessories (battery charger, battery, power cable, car charging adapter, breakaway neck lanyard, wrist strap, and holster.) A SIM card and nationwide wireless service are also provided at a very attractive wholesale rate. And, the unit comes with a full 1 year warranty.

iHelp Max 4G

Know all the benefits

When representing the iHelp Max, you will have an exceptional product with competitive pricing backed by a team of marketing and technical specialists. All dedicated to ensuring you can easily and comfortably meet the needs of your clients today and well into the future.


Competitive Dealership Pricing

  • Provides exceptional margins on hardware and monthly recurring revenue
  • Volume discounts available
  • Proprietary Online Dashboards

  • Helps you easily configure and manage each device as needed
  • Allows you to control and manage functionality (on site or remotely) at your client's request
  • Monitoring Center of Your Choice

  • Provides universal interfaces that facilitates connectivity to the monitoring center of your choice
  • Superior Connectivity

  • Robust 4G cellular coverage. Alternates between cellular and WiFi (if necessary)
  • Marketing Support

  • A dedicated marketing representative will help you promote your brand and expand your business
  • Availability of sales collateral that can be customized for your business
  • Technical Guidance

  • Access to iHelp Max technicians to ensure you feel competent and confident when deploying or servicing your clients' devices
  • Future Ready

  • Allows you to expand your services to TeleHealth Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management
  • Ensures you can stay ahead of the competition as needs and expectations change
  • Helps you preserve and lengthen the lifetime value of each customer
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