iHelp Alarm dealers have access to an exceptional line of products, competitive pricing and access to a team of marketing and technical specialists.

Why iHelp Alarm?

iHelp Alarm works hard to ensure their dealers have what they need to meet their customers’ needs today and well into the future. From high quality products with competitive pricing to access to a full-service, web-based account portal that will allow you to manage your business functions easily and in-house, to marketing and technical specialists for questions and support.

iHelp Mini

The iHelp Mini™ has a built-in 2-way microphone allowing for both talking and listening to emergency monitoring center operators. Its many functions, including GPS tracking, fall detection and reminders helps ensure the wearer is safe while living an independent and active lifestyle.

iHelp Max

The iHelp Max™ 4G wireless coverage means continual monitoring and access to help, whether at home or on the go.  It’s also telehealth ready, allowing for the collection and sharing of essential vital signs including, but not limited to, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and temperature in real-time utilizing Bluetooth technology.

Dealer Advantage


When representing the iHelp line of Wearable Medical Solutions, you will have access to an exceptional product with competitive pricing backed by a team of marketing and technical specialists.


Monthly, quarterly, or yearly, our competitive dealership pricing provides exceptional margins on hardware and monthly recurring revenue. Scalability helps your bottom line. Increasing your client base gives you access to the best volume discounts available.


As a dealer, you will have a dedicated marketing representative to help you promote your brand and expand your business, and access a range of sales collateral that is customizable to fit your current needs.


Access to devices that are “TeleHealth Ready” so you can expand your services to include TeleHealth Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management. We want to help ensure you stay ahead of the competition as well as preserve and lengthen the lifetime value of each of your customers.


A full-service, user-friendly, web-based account management portal designed for our dealers to manage their clients’ devices, tasks, and functionality 24/7. Also included is an easy-to-use reporting feature that allows dealers like you to keep your business functions in-house and manage them easily.


The iHelp Dashboard allows you to manage individual devices, your entire customer base, fulfill orders independently, choose your monitoring station, and check air-time usage 24/7.